Gangstar Vegas hack – Get free resources

Welcome to Gangstar Vegas guide, explaining how you can get resources for free.

Gangstar Vegas is a new mobile game for devices such as Android or iOS, where you play a character named Jason Malone. After he wins a boxing fight he shouldn’t, the most furious mafia boss in Vegas, named Frank starts hunting him.  After escaping you meet a character named E-Man, who helps you to turn tables against Frank. It doesn’t take long for Benny (who is the most trusted men Frank has)  to find Jason and force him to do jobs for Frank.

If you are you looking for a Gangstar Vegas hack, this just might be the right place to stop by.  By choosing us, you can download the newest version of Ganstar Vegas hack tool and on top of that we make weekly updates, to keep the cheat working for a long time. We all know that gathering resources in Gangstar Vegas can be a tough job to do, specially because it takes much time and the items in shop are just too expensive, some might not even afford them. That’s why we decided to make Gangstar Vegas cheats, we played the game too and we agree it takes too long to make progress. So if you are looking for ways to get free cash, skill points, keys or even a item or weapon you want, carry on reading.


Our Gangstar Vegas Hack has following features:

  • As many cash you want
  • As many SP as you want
  • As many keys as you want
  • You can unlock all items
  • You can unlock all weapons
  • Weekly updates
  • In build anti ban feature
  • Working on all iOS and android deviced
  • No jailbreak or root needed

How to make Gangstar Vegas hack Android and iOS work:

  • Download the cheats
  • Plug in your iOS or Android device to your computer via USB
  • Start the hack on your computer
  • Select your device and click connect
  • Select all resources you want and press start
  • Wait for about one minute
  • Log into your Gangstar Vegas account and enjoy

Download Gangstar Vegas Hack here:


This is my account on Gangstar Vegas after trying our cheat out:


As you see the Gangstar Vegas cheats work amazingly, we added so many resources it’s crazy.  We did this to test how much our security is strong and it turned out is it very, because this account we did this on still isn’t banned. We suggest you too limit the number of resources you add to max 10000 per day tho, just to be more safe. It is totally safe to use our software, as we only care for the community else we wouldn’t be doing this. You can ask us questions on social accounts if you’d like to, maybe we can add a special feature just for you. You should write us also for other games, if you have suggestions. Don’t forget to check out our home page, maybe there is an other game you are playing as well.



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