Jetpack Joyride hack – Free coins

This tutorial will be explaining you how to get free coins in Jetpack Joyide.

Are you searching for a Jetpack Joyride coins hack? You don’t have money to spend on coins, or you just want to be better then your friends? With help of our Jetpack Joyride cheats you can  make all that a reality. We were working weeks to code a powerful hack for Jetpack Joyride for you guys. By using our cheats you will be the best of the best out there in no time. We all know gathering coins in Jetpack Joyride can be quite time consuming or maybe you don’t have the time to farm them and would like to buy them but you don’t even have money. That can be quite a problem if you are enjoying the game but getting resources is impossible. That’s why we wrote this guide explaining how you can get Jetpack Joyride free coins, with maximum of 5 minutes work if you do all the steps we wrote.

Jetpack Joyride hack tool features:

  • You can generate any desired amount of coins
  • Anti ban in-build feature (Never get caught)
  • Lifetime updates (We will be updating the hack every week to keep the generator and anti ban feature in tact)
  • No ROOT or JAILBREAK required
  • Working on iOS and android

How do you get the Jetpack Joyride generator working:

  • Download the tool
  • Run it
  • Connect your device to PC via USB
  • On the tool click ”detect’ and wait till it finishes
  • Select desired amount of resources and click start
  • when it finishes, login into your game and have a good time spending all those coins


Download the Jetpack Joyride cheat here:


How the tool looks like:



This is how many coins we generated after testing the cheats out:


As you see the amount we  generated is in a crazy number, but that was only for one purpose, checking out how strong our anti-ban feature is.  The account is still alive till today, so figure out yourself if we did a good job when developing this tool. For your own safety, we suggest you to use proxies to stay anonymous and enter a reasonable amount of coins per day. The maximum we suggest is 20000 so you stay completely safe. Have fun using our Jetpack Joyride hack and tell your friends about it, so you can dominate together while still enjoying the game. We are very active on our Twitter profile and Facebook, so if you have any questions you can ask us there, or leave suggestions so we can do more projects in the future.

That’s pretty much all you need to do. The file is protected with a locker to prevent bot downloads (we need you to verify your human). We have many users who are happy using our Jetpack Joyride coins hack (over 7000 and counting).

We never had a complain that someone got banned which proves we did an amazing job with the anti ban feature.


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