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Welcome to League of Angels guide, explaining how you can use League of Angels hack and much more!

League of Angels a browser MMORPG which is growing quite fast. Started classes are mage or warrior, choose which one suits you better. Our team decided to create powerful League of Angels cheats which will help many players out there progress faster. We spent quite a while, creating this League of Angels hack tool for you guys. We released it for everyone, as we care for our visitors. It was very difficult to create this LOA hack because the developers of LOA made a very strong protection. After two weeks of coding we finally managed to create this powerful cheat and lets be honest it wasn’t that easy. But then again, we can’t just ignore the request you guys give us and for that reason we did our best.

We believe that almost all the best players in League of Angels are using our cheats, because we played the game and all those top names came to us in the past asking for help. We all can agree on the fact that without purchasing items from the shop you can’t do really much progress.

This are the following feature

  • Add as much gold and diamonds as you would like
  • In build Anti-ban system, protects your account
  • Friendly interface
  • Proxy support
  • Weekly updates

 Let us describe each feature:

Diamonds and gold generator

  • It is the main feature of League of Angels generator. Gold and diamonds are by far the mot important resources in LOA. With them you can purchase all items, even VIP. We suggest that you generate a reasonable amount of diamond and gold per day.

Anti-ban system

  • We added an anti-ban feature to this League of Angels cheat. This means that the game protection cannot identify your ID, so you won’t get punished. We tested the protection on many accounts with great success.

Friendly interface

Means the look of our LOA hack is user friendly, and very easy to use. We tried our best to make it for you as much easy as possible.

Proxy support

  • You can use the proxy support if you would like to stay anonymous while using our League of Angels hack

Weekly updates

  • We will update the cheats on a weekly basis.

Download League of Angels cheats here:





 League of Angels hack tool preview:



Guide explaining how to get League of Angels free diamonds:
  • First you need to download the tool
  • After that go to the directory where you have saved it
  • Un-zip the file and run it
  • Enter your League of Angels username
  • Enter the desired amount of diamonds and gold
  • If you did everything above, press start and wait 1 minute
  • Log into your LOA account and enjoy your diamonds
After trying out our League of Angels Hack this is the result:



As you see it works perfectly. The account we tested it on is now 2 weeks old, which means our anti-ban feature works perfectly. We’ve put quite some time into this League of Angels generator to make it perfect for you. If you have any questions, or want a feature to be added, let us know here or contact us on our social accounts.


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