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If you are here you are looking for one thing: Moviestarplanet free starcoins

Moviestarplanet is a pretty cool game for teenagers, it is like a social network. You are creating your own movie star, by creating fun films. When other players are viewing those, you gain fame and that way your characters progresses. Gaining diamonds and starcoins can be a very tough job to do and they cost much. This is why we decided to create our very own Moviestarplanet hack. You shouldn’t spent all that precious time farming starcoins, when you could be enjoy the game much more. Even VIP costs too much in our opinion, specially for children who don’t have much money and asking parents for some virtual currency is over the top. Read below our guide regarding msp hack, so you can soon focus more on the game and have fun.


Lets describe what MovieStarPlanet hack tool is all about:

Moviestarplanet cheats are very powerful because they work in a special way, they let you generate fame, starcoins diamonds and even VIP with just a few clicks. If you follow all steps, you will get the Moviestarplanet generator working in no time. You shouldn’t be paying that much money for such low amount of diamonds, that is the main reason we created this msp cheats. We care about our community and the requests we get and many asked us if msp hack tool could become a reality. We added many features, but we can develop it even more if you got ideas what we can improve. The Moviestarplanet hack is working on all type of devices (PC, iOS, Android) so you shouldn’t worry it might not work, we thought of all. It is 100% virus free because we wouldn’t never put our users in any kind of danger. We tested the Moviestarplanet cheats on few accounts and it worked on all of them, while they are still active. This means it is undetected and you shouldn’t worry that your account is in any kind of risk. We are updating the Moviestarplanet hacks weekly, so it doesn’t get outdated.

An overview of the MSP generator:



Download MoviestarPlanet cheats here: 

Tutorial explaining how to get this The Moviestarplanet hack working:
  1. Download the tool
  2. Run the application
  3. Enter your username
  4. Type desired amount of StarCoins, Fame and VIP
  5. Click start and wait for the process to finish
  6. Log into your MSP account and enjoy the new resources you just generated.


This are the results after we tested our MSP hack. We added so many starcoins and diamonds because we wanted to test if they accounts get banned, which they didn’t. Still we suggest that you add a maximum of 10000 of each per day. But what’s really great with using our tool is, you can get Moviestarplanet free VIP too! Don’t think twice trying it out, because we thought of everything and optimized it accordingly. Follow us on our social profiles located at the bottom for more updates. Today we made a huge update on the tool, about VIP. With the new feature you can select lifetime VIP, which means the tool will generate it when it expires instantly. With this feature you don’t have to worry anymore that the cheats might get outdated because even if there is no site around anymore, our tool will provide you lifetime VIP. That’s just one feature we thought of so far, so if you got any ideas what we could improve to make this even better, please leave us a private message on Twitter or Facebook and we will look into it.


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    nice! this msp hack works as it should.

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    It worked guys, just received 2000 diamonds on my account

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    I just can’t stop admiring you guys, such great work.

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    Best moviestarplanet hack ever! i love it

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    Best moviestarplanet hack yet! I’ve tried out so many websites and survey and so far only this one worked for me. looking forward for updates guys, thank you

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